From digging vinyl in Congo to Belgium, beatmaker and DJ Mambele has a smooth and characteristic sound that celebrates story telling. 


Masterful in his execution Mambele’s music can be described as smooth beats, originating from 70's and 80's disco funk and boogie, with a touch of hip hop. Mambele is not a stranger at getting people on the dance floor, he’s shared the decks with artists’ such as King Ayisoba Band, Lefto, Romeo Elvis & Le Motel, Deejay Vega, DJ Odilon, ShunGu and many more.


He’s also performed at many noteworthy events such as Barbeton, SchweitZ’Air Festival, Bar des Amis, Bonnefooi, Mekitburn Festival to name a few. 


Garnering attention and a huge head nod from his musical peers, Mambele’s latest offering Ya Yambo beat tape was released in April this year, which draws influences from living in the booming city of Brussels, with the title of beat tape meaning first in lingala.


Between DJing and producing Mambele’s talents extend to radio as he also curates a show on Brussel’s notorious Bruzz radio station called Bolingo. Mambele doesn’t stop there, he’s even had the opportunity to create guest mixes for other radio stations such as Tarmac, Drrrip Radio, Supa Fly Collective and Radio Kiosk.


The enigmatic producer has lent his signature flair to notable artists’ such as Juicy and Zwangere Guy showcasing where he came from as a producer as well as where he’s going.


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