Trip hop producer Hoang Solo style. He effortlessly uses the SP404 and produces instrumentals exploring the limits of his own sounds as well as taking influences by
others. This fervent beatmaker is a defender of Belgian’s rising beats scene and a lover of the vaporwave trend. Music itself inspires Hoang Solo to create new content. The laid-back producer can be best described as fusing smooth jazzy universe intertwined with J Dilla-sque vibes. While he’s quite new to the scene, Hoang Solo has already had the pleasure of producing for the likes of Woodie Smalls, K1D, Jo Bee and many more.

In 2016, Hoang Solo launched his own project “Methods,” and just recently a new tape dubbed ‘Velvety_Vol.i’. 2017 saw Hoang Solo performed at Brussel’s SchweitZ’Air Festival. The delectable beat maker that is Hoang Solo has the ability to bring people together across the globe onto the same frequency all for the love of music.


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