Growing up as a skater boy, Peter Clinton was first introduced into the beat-making world by fellow producer Shungu four years ago. Since then Peter has gone on to build a universe of his own. Bolstering a bag of repertoire, Peter has released cosmospheric music through Hot Records Society, Cosmic Pop Records and Uknowy Music. Peter continually delivers hits that push boundaries and define the modern hip hop/soul sound.


Drawing his influences from artists such as Odd Future, Mndsgn, Flying Lotus, Iman Omari and Knxwledge. His sound is the result of learning and personal interpretation having never studied or learnt music in a fundamental way, Peter trusts his ears. When Peter creates beats it all starts with the rhythm. From there he builds with all kinds of elements that he digs.The young producer has played with Fris, ShunGu, Moony Me, Gayance, Melodiesinfonie, Delakeyz, Blackweed, Phasm, Solo 700, Mambele and Huru to name a few.


With only four years in the game, the young producer has already performed at venues and festivals around Belgium including Boonefooi, Schweiz’Air festival, Epicerie Moderne, Recyclart, Mekitburn Festival 2017, Café Central, Archipel and La Vallée. Peter lives by simplicity which is not only shown in his production but in his life. His favourite motto is ‘The simplest things are also the best ones in life.’


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